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  Yukon is undeniably one of the most popular destinations on earth for anglers. Trophy size fish are not rare in our northern waters and the guides from Boreal Kennels are well equipped to deliver world class fishing experiences.

  The Whitehorse area and its surroundings offers various fishing locations suitable for day trips. Fly fishing is also available in the Whitehorse- Carcross region. Lake trout is the most popular fish but our Yukon watrs offer many fishing opportunities such as Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, Rainbow Trout and more.

Join one of our 5 day fishing trips in the rich waters of the Snafu- Tarfu System and be prepared to give a meaning to the word ''fishing''. These lakes are abundant with Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout. An ideal family destination. Fishing these waters is safe even in bad weather as the lakes are small and sheltered.

  Join one of our custom Yukon fishing expeditions and explore the north fishing wilderness locations and adding other more rare fish species to the to do list; Dolly varden, Bull Trout, Arctic Char, Inconnu, Whitefish...

  We also organize fishing charters on the Southern Lakes departing from Carcross. Lake Trout are the main fish species caught in the Southern Lakes.


  If you want to join one of Boreal Kennels world class fishing trips, contact us and we will make your fishing adventure a succes.

Fishing Day Trip

395$ pp

3 Day Fishing

1295$ pp


5 day fishing

1950$ pp

Boreal Kennels is a fully insured organization, however we strongly recommend customers to have a personal travelling insurance.

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