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Sled Dog Tours|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Winter Tours|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Winter Trips|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Winter Tours|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Dog Sleddding|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Winter tours|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
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Winter tours|Yukon|Boreal Kennels
Dog Mushing|Yukon|Boreal Kennels


Mush with the experts!

25 years of experience


Half Day Trip

225$ pp

Yukon Mushing Tours.jpg

Full Day Tour

345$ pp

Yukon quest team.jpg

Overnight tour

795$ pp

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3 Day Tour

1295$ pp


5 Day Tour

1925$ pp

7 Day Expedition

2750$ pp


Travelling Yukon wilderness by dog sled team is one of the most authentic and exhilarating winter experiences of all!

Admire the beauty of the landscape, explore the back country and enjoy the 'Northern Lights'. Experience an authentic northern multi day dog sledding adventure. Mushing trips, tours and expeditions are Yukon's most popular attraction in winter.

  Fly to Whitehorse and visit for a few days. Take a few days to explore the Historical sites and attractions around Yukon's capital city. It won't be too long for you to understand why Whitehorse is named the 'Wilderness City' by most Canadians.

  Mush and explore by dog sled the scenic Southern Lakes area, traditional home of the Carcross Tagish First Nations. Take the trails into Coastal Mountains and discover the beauty of the alpine meadows in winter. A unique Yukon dog sledding adventure destination in northern Canada!

  Wolves howling, moose sightings, all kinds of tracks! Discover and explore an untouched natural world. Experience the joys and thrills of winter wilderness travel in all safety with our team of wilderness experts!

Dog sledding trips are the most reliable way to explore the Yukon in winter as your sled dogs never fail you. Besides, adorable furry huskies always make for great camping companions.

  Our family of Yukon raised sled dogs will surprise you with their stamina, good spirits, and their loveable characters.

Admire the beauty of the landscape and bond with your team of  Yukon huskies. Discover the world of mushing, be amazed by the magic of the northern lights and experience the warmth of camp. We will take care of the rest!
 With over 20 years of experience, Boreal Kennels expertise in Yukon dog sledding trips and tours ensures a high quality mushing experience to our guests.


  Either for a day or for a week, dog sledding is something you MUSH do!

Boreal Kennels will be delighted to help you building the Yukon multi day custom dog sledding trip, tour or expedition of your dreams.

  Yukon offers unlimited lakes, rivers and mountain ranges.

A dog sledding paradise!

  Special requests or ideas, contact us and we will make it happen.

  Our team is well equipped to help you explore the vast wilderness of the Yukon in all safety.

  These are true multi day mushing expeditions, where participants will experience adventure at its best.

Locations include the Yukon Southern Lakes system, the Yukon Plateau, the  South Canol road, and more...

 Contact us for your custom built dog sledding experience in Canada's Yukon.

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