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  Boreal Kennels offers professional quality video and photography tours in the Yukon. Our team has experience working with highly qualified professionnals of the industry.

Our knowledge of Yukon wilderness and its inhabitants enables us to safely escort and guide photographers in remote parts of the territory.

  Aurora Borealis are always the main winter attraction and our Carcross home base is a great site to comfortably enjoy the displays of northern lights. More adventurous expeditions can be organized with the help of snowshoes or our sled dogs. 


Around the year, Yukon offers many wildlife photography opportunities. Animal migrations are abundant here. In the rivers, salmon fight their way up the Yukon River to instinctively reach the exact place they must spawn.

Thousands of Caribou from the Porcupine Herd migrate in the northern Yukon and Alaska. They usually cross the Dempster Highway twice a year. Birds of many species visit the north in summer and migrate south as the Yukon winter approaches. Other animal species are dwellers of the north and can be observed throughout the seasons. Moose, black bear, grizzly, wolf, lynx, dall sheep, mountain goat. Each species has its own habitat and habits. Our guides will use the best of their knowledge and experience, so you can ''shoot'' the wonders of the Yukon.


  Yukon landscapes are also unique and can make for very unique images. Visit the Arctic Circle and travel the famous Dempster Highway. Stop in Tombstone Park and appreciate some of the most dramatic sceneries in Canada. Mount Monolith on its own draws visitors from around the world. Explore the vast beauty of Kluane Park and look down on glacial valleys, remnants of the past ice age.


  Whatever you would like to ''shoot'' in Yukon wilderness, Boreal Kennels has the resources and expertise to make your project a succes. Contact us for your Yukon custom photography expedition.

Feel free to contact us for information about our Yukon photography tours.  

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